Why Boone Home Watch?

Before we made our permanent move up to the NC mountains, we owned a small farmhouse up here that we would enjoy it in the summer months, 

but had the worries of trying to upkeep it, while living 1200 miles away for the rest of the year.  

We needed someone to help keep an eye on the place.  

To let us know if the grass was getting too high... or put a package inside if it came off schedule

to tell us if a water leak was happening, or if bugs were taking over our home.  

Sure we had video cameras up, which gave us some comfort... 

but it wasn't the same as having a person we could call on to help keep an eye on it.  

The neighbors gladly agreed to helping us as well, 

but who really wants to bother their neighbors every time a package comes, 

or when you would like some photos of the work that is being done while you're away.  

When we would finally come up to enjoy the house, we would spend the first couple of days prepping the house for us.  Freshening the home, stocking our groceries, and of course dealing with all of the repairs that would add up while we were gone since we were unaware of the majority of them.  We wanted to enjoy every minute we had and make as many memories as we could...not spend half of the trip cleaning, stocking, and repairing.

This is where the idea of Boone Home Watch came.  

We decided to try and fill a void that we needed.

A little about Jen...

I’m a native North Carolinian, and have spent my childhood and adulthood enjoying North Carolina summers and Texas the rest of the year.  

My background consists of a Bachelors Degree from the University of Texas in Applied Learning and Development (Go Longhorns!).  

In Texas, my focus was staying at home with my five children, so I would do tutoring on the side.  

I owned a jewelry business for years and I owned a tea party service.  

For the community, I was involved in our neighborhoods and took different positions on the HOA from social coordinator to president.  I was a girl scout leader, cub scout leader, preschool teacher, private science teacher, cheer coach, soccer coach, as well as being involved in Eastern Stars and Daughters of the American Revolution.  When we moved to NC, I earned my realtor’s license for the state of NC and have concentrated on investment properties, along with owning a vacation rental where we have earned a Super Host status for our 5 star reviews.  

My passion is helping others enjoy their time with family when on vacation and being able to rest assured that their home is being watched and cared for while they are gone.

A little about Doak...

Doak was born in Arizona, but grew up in Texas until we moved to North Carolina last May.  Since he married a native North Carolinian... he has enjoyed many summers up in the NC mountains for the past 20 years.  

His background includes a degree in Business Management from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas.  

He has been a small business owner for the past 15 years and is very excited about helping to get Boone Home Watch 

We would be honored to watch over your home and help you to have peace of mind while you are away!

~Jen and Doak