Weekly Service Includes both Interior and Exterior Checks:

Interior Home Checks
*Make sure all doors and windows are locked.
*Walk through each room of the house and check for obvious interior damage, smells, or evidence of pests or rodents.
*IF water is on, we will flush all toilets and turn on/off all faucets.  
*Check phone (if present) for dial tone
*Report Interior Temperature and Humidity
*Look at water heater and furnace/ HVAC and report any obvious issues
*Check Refrigerator
*Check breaker box for tripped circuits
*Remove any garbage left behind if needed
*Water house plants
*Change Burned out light bulbs when reachable.

Exterior Home Check to Include

*Walk perimeter of home and look for any obvious signs of damage, forced entry, etc.
*Visually check roof for obvious damage (tree limbs fallen, etc)
*Place all mail and packages inside the home for protection
*Look for obvious issues in the yard such as fallen trees, high grass around home, fences falling down, etc.
*Check lawn services are used, we will check to make sure lawn is being done to homeowners directions
*Ensure garbage cans are secure
*Check driveway for wash outs or any other obvious problems.
*If a hot tub or pool is present, we will send photos and report any foul odors.

Having work done?  We will gladly send you photos of  the progress.


In general, we charge $250 for weekly services, $150 for biweekly services

$75 for emergency visits during the day

$125 for emergency visits at night.  

We would love to give you a free estimate for all of the services we offer!

We offer weekly or bi-weekly visits.  

We are accredited by the National Home Watch Association.  

We are also insured and bonded.

Add-On Services Available:

Prep Your Home Package!

This includes a light dusting and cleaning, 

*Light Dusting and Cleaning
*If linens are supplied, we will make all of the beds and place fresh flowers on the nightstands
*We will turn on accent lights at the homeowner's request.
*We will open blinds at the homeowner's request
*We will turn on the ac or heat at the homeowner's request.
*We will stock your pantry and refrigerator with grocery list supplied by homeowner
*We can set your table as requested, and place fresh flowers on the table as well.
*We can arrange your outdoor patio furniture and dust it before your arrival.

Now instead of spending all of your time getting your home ready for enjoyment... you can simply enjoy it from the minute you arrive

Pricing starts at $150, depending on services needed and size of home.  
Free Estimates!

Please contact for quote.

Schedule Activities!

Want to have everything lined up and scheduled before you arrive?  
Want a special dinner reservation...
or a fun broad way performance...
maybe a fishing day planned,
or a white water rafting experience?  

We can set it up for you and provide you with a schedule of events, directions, what to take, etc...

This service is based on price of activities rendered.  20% gratuity.